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How to increase our impression rate?

Hi. Everyone i want to know how to increase our impression my impression rate getting low in start it increase with great speed but now it getting low . and also want to know does impression rate effect on fiverr orders ?

I recommend you to read a post that was written by @Jonbaas on tips for sellers section. He explained well that impressions are not a good way to determine the success of your gigs. Only clicks…Just read that post and you will get all the information.
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That´s right, I have also read this very informative article, it does make sense. Also, I have written an article a couple of days ago, you might like to read it too:
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John :slight_smile:

My one tip is to deliver as quickly as possible.

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Inpression doesn’t count much for your gig.

thanks a lot it is very helpful :slight_smile:

can you share full link of that article? :slight_smile: