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How to increase our visibility?

Hi there ! I would like to know your tips to increase your visibility :slight_smile:

Promote your gigs outside of Fiverr. Figure out where people need your services and promote yourself there. I proofread so I could join book clubs on Facebook and promote my services there.


Thank you for this tip.

So hopefully this thread is not too old that I won’t get a reply back to this because I am actually looking for help on the same topic. I really enjoyed your tip but I have a follow-up question (well more like a few follow-up questions) in reference to the tip you gave:

  1. Have you tried this strategy and has it worked for you?
  2. Also, I thought book clubs were for reading and discussing other people’s books… so how does that help someone who is offering proofreading services? (I have a specific interest in this one because I too offer this service and am trying to understand how to increase visibility for my gigs)

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