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How To Increase Response rate and Order Completion

Hope you are well. Due to My Father and My sickness, I couldnot provide enough time to Fiverr along with Gig marketing through twitter. Besides, I didint sent any buyer request. Thats why My response rate fall down to 80% and Order completion fall down to 50% though I have already completed 3 order along with 3 good reviews. How can I overcome this troublesome situation. Please let me know the details and make our fiverr journey more enjoyable and pleasant.Thanks a lot for your support.


Good. Posting your gig repeatedly and spamming on Twitter is not marketing and it does not get sales.


Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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Decreased response rate due to not responding in time

Order cancellation reduces order completion rate.

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I know all of these reasons… But I want some tips and tricks.Thanks

There are no tricks. Want your response rate to go up? Respond to new potential clients faster when they message you. Want your completion rate to go up? Complete more orders in a 60 day period.

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Fiverr is not like a video game where there are some secret “hacks” to get ahead in the game.

Your response rate fell because you did not answer your messages within 24 hours.
Your completed orders fell because you either did not complete orders OR you had cancellations.

The only way to get those back up is to get orders, complete them and answer all your messages within 24 hours.


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Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions