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How to increase sale and relief depression

i am new seller on fiver.within my two 2 months journey i am still in trouble i am getting irritation and making my self very depressive because i joined fiver for the sake of my future but the current response very bad .i think its all about the luck.i just want to get a bit of help about the tags and seo words(under the tiltle box) and also please suggest me what would be the best type of logo(3d,minimal,verstile,signature)in selling circle ?


Don’t stop when It’s hurt
Stop when you are done.


And Please check it will close your full doubth.

Be Happy!

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No need to be depressed. You joined Fiverr Aug 2018. To date you have 13 reviews and your recent delivery was 7 days ago. Some sellers wait months to get their first order!

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

Read, learn, and take action! That is how you will get more orders! :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for the kindle appreciations

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You should have a unique gigs service…,
What makes your logo different from other popular competitor?
“Logo” Design is a mass service in fiverr…

All newbie designer will add “Logo” design too in their gigs.

So you should emphasize your strong point on your gigs.

For example : I saw very good logo designer…, specialize for Name / Business “Monogram”
this is a unique service people don’t see often…,

You are getting depressed i only have four order what should i do.

I will give you one secret i created my account long back as buyer i added my gig about two months ago. i bought a gig for flyer. i was happy with the job so i left the five star review.

After some times girl message as she saw me online so may be she thought if i remind him about the last order and if he have work he will give it me.

i told her i have no work and i am online just to download the flyer again. But i also told her your work is good you will have order you just starting it out have some pateince.

But i also got curious i checked her profile after month and i was surprise she has about 50 order and four in quei.

So i messaged her to tell her look what i told you your work is good you will be fine.

Do you know after how long she repleid to me for this message after four days
And said yes i remember you, you are my earlier buyer sorry for the late reply . Do you have any work.

In short a person ask me for work as soon as she saw me online one month ago. Now she probably checked my message see that i am just saying oh it is good. Did not have time to respond.

Long story short If your work is good same thing is going happened to you. Wish you luck. You just starting it out.

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Don’t stop - it gets slow sometimes.