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How to increase sales?


Dear expert,

I am here near about 1 year but complete sales only 2.

How can I increase my sales?

Have any problem with my gigs presentation? if have then how can I solve it?


hi dear,

You can promote your gig on fb or twiter.

And you can give bonuses to your buyers.

if you can upload a video yourself. It can increase your sale 200%.




added some more gigs and now I’m better, up to 10 in under two days :slight_smile:


Gone are the days when you can create an account with an image taken from Linkedin, GoogleTranslate some paragraph, grab some eBooks from Pirate Bay and hope to sell to unsuspecting people.

Create something good and original, and you will sell here.


Thanks to all for giving valuable advice and I am giving advance thanks for the persons who will give me another sugession in future.


I have to agree with kjblynx - when I visited your Gig, my first impression was that you were selling info that you most likely did not write and took off the internet to pass off as your own. This may be a clue why you have no sales. You need to find something unique that doesn’t look like a money grab to do well here.



@glocalcareer i took a look at your gigs, you mostly have ebooks, try to fill in some gigs that you can provide a service such as writing, logo, testimonials and much more. And add some videos for your gigs, videos work like magic, Good luck!


Reply to @kjblynx: yes reviews only assets here. Kjblynx ur right


Reply to @genuineguidance: Good suggestion.its usefull for me also.thanks


This is me Uzma…i joined today and m very much excited for it and i have no idea when ill get some work. i uploaded 2 gigs…i hope to get some one really quick before my moral gets down.


Reply to @uzmaghauri: welcome! hope, you will do well here. best of luck!


yes i am also face same problem. my account age is 36 days. but i receive only 3 orders. one buyers give me 5star.but other 2 buyer give me nathing. Now what can i do to increase my s sales.plz help me.Becauses i am totally depend in Fiverr.

I am a 2D/3D Artist, Motion Graphic designer.

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Reply to @nir_anjan: thanks alot… i hope best too


Reply to @talha515: all the best talha … hope you will get more buyers