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How to Increase selling?

i suddenly face a problem that my last client give me a 3.7-star review but unfortunately, i dont know my fiverr gigs are pouse and i am not getting any knock from client …i have marketing mmy gigs everyday but not getting any result …i need to the advice of some experiance people in fiverr…kindly advice me how i can figure this out

edit your gig and share with your friends

Sharing with friends is one of the least effective ways to promote your gig, unless they really need the service you’re offering. You’re likely to lose your friends as well! :wink:

Much better to promote to people who might actually need your service.


thanks offlinehelper…but can you please tell me who are the potential people and where it will work for marketing…can you suggest me some link where i found my targeted audience

You’re offering website design, so you need to find potential clients who don’t have a website, or who may need them redesigned.

Once you’ve found your target clients, then you can promote your services to them.

Good luck! :sunny:

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