How to Increase sells


I made a gig before long time but still i have not get any order. So how to get orders please help me guys.


Search the forum on how to increase sales or get sales. You will see a lot of options like Buyer Requests…


Hi Bro,
Yes, search the Fiverr forum, especially Tips for sellers category. There are hundreds of discussions there related to your issue.


Thank you both of you…!


Have another way without fiverr forum ?


There are thousands of blogs including fiverr official blog. Forum is the best way!


Hmm. thank you @andrea_kizinger.


Make a bid and promote your gigs in social media


This is not a effective way! Because more than 99.999999% sellers in fiverr are promoting their gigs in social media. But it’s better to advertise your gigs to target audience. :smiley:


Read Fiverr Academy Friend


Yep I agree it.:slightly_smiling_face:


I appreciate your opinion.
I have 6 years in facebook marketing since the beginning of facebook in established and always sell my product on facebook.

So what’s wrong with that?

If that’s your opinion.

How did you start selling your products?


you just told the last line that is

it’s better to advertise your gigs to target audience

Now i just want to know the procedure for advertising my gig to target audience and Where/how I found them


You can use adword.

That’s what he meant.

Minimum investment is $ 100


What is the **




Advertise your gigs on google.

If you want lots of conversions


Some social media platforms are doing that. Please do research.


Share your gig on social media and select a perfect SEO title of your gig


@taniyaswift Can you help me to make a attractive title…? " I will retouch and background remove within few hours" how is this?