How to increase traffic my gig?


this is my gig


i want to traffic


I don’t think that anything will change if you paste a link to your gig and say I want traffic!

TIPS… Be active here… comment, like, make your own threads that will be engaging (and not like this one). Find some good forums and paste your gig in signature, do some fb ads, mail your list, share your gig on fb, tw, g+…

Be creative, be innovative, and most important be ready to “brake a wall with your head”!

Great advice I got from one fiverr seller:

“Steady wins the race, mate” (; If you understand what I mean (:

Hope it helps!


I just checked your gig… lower the cancellation ratio!!! Do that by better instructions and body of the gig!




A week or so ago, I offered you a half dozen links to some great posts and tips (all created by other successful Users). Have you even read them?

  • Your bio profile needs work.

    It says you’re an 'Expert on Social Media Marketing…" If you’re an expert, why are you begging for “traffic” here? (BTW, it’s “service”, not “serivce”.

  • Your Gig Descriptions need work.
  • Your Spelling and Grammar need work (Example, it’s Launch, not Lunch).

  • Have you researched your tags?

  • And as @iivic_zg989 kindly pointed out, your Cancellation rate is sub-par.

    Good luck! :slight_smile:


Build a loyal customer base. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful.