How to increase traffic to my GIG on Fiverr


I was wondering how to increase the traffic to my GIGs. I have about 18 GIGs. Although, i receive 1 new msg every day. However, i want to increase my exposure on fiverr.
Looking for insights from top Sellers


There are different things one can do to improve their overall performance on Fiverr.

This is the 6 step list I’ve came up with:

  1. Have proper gig titles, descriptions and tags.
  2. Feature a professional video and imagery.
  3. Offer a unique, professional service.
  4. Promote your gigs.
  5. Visit the Fiverr Academy to learn more tips.
  6. Search the forum for more awesome tips and tricks.

Best of luck!


I like it. I would add test what you do. If your current gig description doesn’t give you the results you want then try something different. Measure the different response your different descriptions get so you can see what works best.

Too many people just keep the same thing there and hope for a different response.