How to increase views of the gig?


Hey everyone.

My gig had been receiving good views lately; however, it has dropped after a few days. It receives 6 to 8 views per day.

Is there any way I can increase this? I am a writer and my gig is set to “versatile” category. Is it because of this? I mean if I categorize my gig into, for example, travel and hospitality, would this work?

Thank you.


The real questions is; does these views actually convert to orders?, if ‘No’ then you be more worried about getting orders.


I believe they do convert as I have been receiving messages from buyers since the impressions and clicks have increased. It is only recently that they slowed down.


Okay then, you can review your keywords, tags, and try offer what is unique.


:slight_smile: Ok thanks


When your impressions are up you have more chances to appear in the firsts search pages, so the possibilities to get more orders increases as well.