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How to increase your confidence


A friend of mine said that day, people are not eaten by the tiger of the forest, they are eaten by the tiger of the mind As soon as I looked at him curiously, he said, one day I was returning home on a new moon night, I had a torchlight with two batteries in my hand. Suddenly I noticed I was walking past the cemetery. I have not been afraid for so long. I was walking humming songs. Whenever I realized I was walking past the graveyard, my hands and feet began to tremble in fear.

Throat dry wood. I thought to myself, now if a corpse comes out of the grave and wraps its legs around me, where can I go, leaving me alone. You go to the grave with me. What should I answer his question? My hands and feet began to tremble at the thought. I ran across the cemetery area and came home. Since then I have never walked past the cemetery. My fear would dry up when I saw the graveyard

To overcome this fear, I went to a pair. He gave me an amulet. After putting that amulet around my neck, my courage increased. Now I can walk past the graveyard at any time No fear. You know, the amulet of Pir did not work. He gave me self-confidence This is called the placebo effect.

Self-confidence is the only way to overcome the inertia of the mind. Self-confidence is needed to free the mind from anxiety. Only self-confident people can reach their desired goals. When I took the SSC exam, my elder brother brought a pen from Ibrahim Huzur of our area and said, “If you write in this pen, the exam will be good.” I can write the answers to all the questions. “I told my brother, then I sit down to read without reading, my pen will write everything by itself. My brother said don’t joke. It is not right to joke about everything.”

Now I understand that reading the pen is nothing. Reading pens was a self-confidence boosting strategy, the scientific explanation of which is the placebo effect. I want to be hypnotized for self-confidence. Hypnotic power makes people confident. Various pirs, fakirs read amulets and read the water. There is no scientific explanation for this. Yet why do people run to Pir Fakir? Pir, Fakir can do nothing. They hypnotize people by reading water, amulets, and oil. This is called the placebo effect. It creates faith in their minds. And in that faith people benefit from unscientific watering, oiling, amulets. But not everyone whose mind is simple. It is very easy to believe that they benefit And those like us who have doubts in their minds, those who seek scientific explanations are of no use.

I once heard when I was in the country, where a pair of oil leaked ৷ Any disease can be cured by using that oil. The first pair used to give oil to a few people. Then his reputation spread around. Thousands of people from all around began to gather at his dormitory. Pir used to pour oil through the mic without finding it away. And the crowd would stand in the open field with a bottle of oil and take the fu of Pir with oil. Pir did nothing. He just made people confident. Studies have shown that the origin of eighty percent of human diseases So I want self-confidence to get rid of the worries of the mind

Placebo or self-confidence has no medicinal properties, But even then it works on the patient and cures the disease. A few days ago, a friend of mine was suffering from a headache. Even after taking the medicine of the doctor, his headache was not decreasing. I told him, I have Bangladeshi medicine for headaches. If I have a headache, my headache gets better after playing one. The headache will get better as soon as I give you one The friend said hurry up. I tactfully gave him medicine from his medicine. Shortly after taking the medicine, he said, my headache has got better. What is the name of this medicine, brother ?? He had not been working in medicine for so long due to a lack of self-confidence Now that he is confident, that medicine has started working. It is because of his self-confidence that his headaches get better quickly. This is called the placebo effect.

Thousands of such examples can be given. This is real. There is no cure for faith.


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