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How to increase your fiverr sales


I would like to share some tips that will increase your gigs exposure to the fiverr search engine.tagline/keywords are used to identify your gig by search engines If your gigs are not properly tagged, they will not be seen by the right people.The more people who are viewing your gig, the more buyers you will have

1.make sure that your that your keyword/tagline is included in your gig title

2.include your keyword in your gig descripton 2-3 times (dont include it more than 4 times)

3.when you are uploading portfolio pictures or video make sure their name is same as your keyword

4.if your feedback/comments also include your keyword that one also increase your gigs exposure to search engine

5.if you can share your gig on social media sites that one also will make a significant impact

after you have completed above mentioned 5 points search your gig on fiverr search engine by using your keyword.if you can find your gig within first 100-200 there will be
more chance that you will get more orders.


These are good tips. Thanks for sharing.


I appreciate your writing about the most wanted topic on forum but we heard that before…Let me know if you have some strategy as fiverr forum comes up with many different ideas and strategies…


Thanks for sharing…


This form is highly publicized, but it is always good to remember, especially for beginners