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How to increase your gig impressions

Here is the thing…

I have already earned a couple of hundreds of dollars on Fiverr already but due to some personal reasons, I had to stop working on the Fiverr in the past and now I am back and want to increase the impressions of my gig so that I can get more orders…

I know the basics of it… If someone can help me with some of the advanced tips… like working with the tags …

Thank you for your help in advance…



@ibtehaj161 welcome back.


Thank you… :slight_smile:
Going to rock it again


ohh this is working.thanks a lot

Glad it is working for you…
Best of luck… :slight_smile:

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Hello, and welcome back!
I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to SEO. I am new on fiverr, but not new to my expertise.
With that said, let me have a look at your gigs you are currently offering. Maybe I can lend some handy pro tips.


Have you found a way around it?

welcome again:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thaks your advice…

Okay, I had a peek at one of your gigs.
" I Will Create Highly Targeted Facebook And Instagram Ads Campaign"

As you should already know, tags are how people find you. However… It’s not just tag’s… It’s a combination of many things. This includes your title and description too! …and a boatload of others!

With that aside, I read through and found some things that you might want to consider. Let’s start with the tag’s since that is what you asked about.

You currently have these tags for your gig:

facebook advertising
facebook marketing
social media manager
facebook ppc

First I want to mention, you have a lot of use of the word “facebook” in each tag. Remove it all and choose 1.

You also really focus on PPC tag. While these tags actually describe a part of the process of what you do… It is not something I would recommend that you hope users search for.
For example, Most people who search for “ppc” are people looking to buy clicks/advertisements and set up a campaign themselves. Because beleive it or not, most of the people who will be your customers don’t even know what PPC means! They aren’t necessarily looking for someone who can manage ppc for them. I hope you understand what I mean by that. I can elaborate more on that if needed.

Moving on…
I would recommend something along the following tags…

Ad Campaign
Social Media Advertisement

Now I’m not saying the above tags will be successful, you already know that things take time and so does finding the right keywords. However, having less repetitive tags and more words to describe different parts of what you do is the key. You have to think of what someone would search to find “advertisers” <–which could be something a lot of people might search! Because they would be looking for someone who advertises and ppc would not cross the mind. I’m not saying don’t include ppc! If you are seeing results, then use it! Just use it once and try to have more descriptive words.

Then it’s about TIME. Give it time, hard work and monitor your results. If you start seeing an increase in views etc… You are on the right track!

As for your title and description.I think your title is good, maybe you could shorten it by a word or two? Again using repetitive words (facebook) in this case, are actually going to hurt your results.
Mix it up, keep your content fresh so you aren’t reading the same word 20 times over on the same page.

Your description is great. Again, the repetitive use of certain keywords isn’t going to help. Try to substitute some of it for other words that people might use when looking for the same service. Get creative and maybe find synonyms for some of your content.

Other than that I think you know what you’re doing. I say just focus on what you have… Revise… revise and revise…

I hope this helps any!


Thank you so much for all the details…
Let me give it a try for my best… and will back here with the feedback…

Thanks again for the help… I appreciate it. :grinning:

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Thanks for the reminder of context in tagging and keyword use! It’s fascinating to design gigs based on user interest and behaviour.

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precisely! Learning what your audience searches and how they think in terms of what they want is a huge part. Glad you gave it a read :sunglasses:

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You are always very helpful.

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Welcome back :grinning: