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How to Increase your Sales ? (Tips for New Sellers)

Hello new People,
Welcome to the Fiverr world.
How you guys are passing your valuable time on Fiverr?

So today, I would like to talk about a few tips that can help you to increase your sales on Fiverr marketplace.

## what you should follow to increase your sell >>

=> Share your gig on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc (remember that: don’t post as spam, because if you post continuously on social media sites like as spam, then your account will be suspended. be careful)…
=> Share your gig on Various Blog, Forum, Article sites (so to share your gig on those sites at first you write a good post so that visitors can interest to read your status and include your gig link within that post or article).
=> Chose or find a Good searchable Title for your gig so that it can be easily rank up when someone searches on Fiverr.
=> Write everything that you can do and what your skills in your gig description.
=> Make an attractive gig thumbnail image that will attract clients to buy your gig.
=> Always try to login Fiverr apps or PC so that buyers can easily find who is online now and it will increase the chances to get a sale.
=> And Finally send buyer request daily with an excellent cover letter.

## What you shouldn’t do on Fiverr.>>

=> Don’t use the buyer request option to post your service because this option is only for buyers who want to buy something from Fiverr.
=> Don’t be late to reply to the messages that come from a new client because if you failed to reply within 1 hour, your response rate will be decreased.
=> Never Try to ask your buyer to give you feedback about your work, it’s strictly against Fiverr rules.
=> Don’t copy-paste cover letter sent to your gig offer in buyer request when you will send it to your buyer.
=> Don’t share your personal information with your buyer like phone no, sk,ype, email, etc.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you to increase your sell and update with Fiverr forum, blog to get new updates and new rules about Fiverr.

If you have anything to ask, Just comment on your question.

No more today.

Thank you.


Thank you so much. this is very helpful for me.


None of this is accurate and none of it increases sales.

Social media can’t help you unless you are very skilled and share insights, not gig links. It’s utterly pointless unless you have a very loyal following who care about your insights.

No, that’s spam and no one who sees that there cares about your gig.

It’s not helpful to regurgitate faulty advice others have shared her hundreds and hundreds of times.


You just pointed the one thing, there has another things are included with this advice I think you ignored this.
[(remember that: don’t post as spam, because if you post continuously on social media sites like as spam, then your account will be suspended. be careful)]


So it’s okay to post repetitive falseshoods/lies as long as some of the other stuff is true?

I don’t need to acknowledge if you say some things are true if you’re recommending incorrect, harmful things.


Thanks for shearing this great tips


Thank you Sir…for your tips…I am a new member


Thank you so much but am doing all this things but my gig still in last page in search pls i need more help


Thank you so much :blush: :blush: :blush:


Well none of what he said is true so it isn’t going to help you.


Welcome onboard,wishing you success ahead


Thanks for share this valuable information.


The word you want in your title is sales, not sell. It should be:

How to Increase your Sales?

Please everyone here, learn the difference between when you use the word sell, and when you use the word sale.

Here is one example of how to use these words:
When you sell a car you have made a sale. So if you want to increase your sales, learn how to sell.

I want people who post on the forum to learn these words since they are used so frequently. People who have used them incorrectly have been ridiculed in the past.


Thanks for your valuable comment.

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Best of luck and welcome to the Fiverr world.

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Thanks very much for this tip to increase sales :blush:


Thank you so much…

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Thank you so much sir…

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Thanks for this information.


Very helpfully tips .

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