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How to Increase your Sales ? (Tips for New Sellers)

I also think So bro.

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Thanks for these great tips :slight_smile:

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No, that’s not spam. Doing this excessively is spam. But, doing it in a professional manner is marketing. How you know who care about what? If he links his gig in a review blog where he has a good number of follower, there is a pretty good chance of getting one or two customer every now and then. See the link I provided below where the instructor instructed the same thing.

He did not say that, social media will bring you ultimate success. He just said that, social media will help marketing yourself(to increase sell). What’s wrong there? Before being rude to others, can you please study a bit? There is one and only one Free course in Fiverr Learn and there the instructor clearly suggested to use social sharing to promote yourself. Is he spreading rumor also? Enlighten me. For your convenience, I am linking specifically that video(although he said the same thing in some other video also) here: Promote Yourself with ‘Fiverr Anywhere’, Social Media and Quora

Some people are interpreting it(sharing in social media) quite hardly. That’s not good. But this does not make them totally wrong, the way you are labeling them. So, you are also wrong here, just in opposite sense.

Seeing you for quite a long time commenting in so many places and most of the time you are so much negative to others. That’s sad to see. Please be polite to others, be social and remember “Human is Social”


It’s really helpful data for fiverr user I think

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“Don’t share your personal information with your buyer like phone no, sk,ype, email, etc.”

That’s true but keep in mind there are exceptions


thanks for the comment

Thanks for the information, it s amazing for me who still starting and new here.

I like your words very much

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Thank you very much too

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Very good information. Thank a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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So much helpful thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you Sir, . this is very helpful


I don’t need to study. I do this for a living. It is you who needs to study.

You and the poster are arguing that posting a link is what makes sales and that anyone can make sales on social. The reason it is a problem is because it is simply not true.

Relationships are what (can) make sales on social media, not simply posting your link.

And to build the right relationship with the right people takes a lot of skill in social media marketing, community engagement and sales.

It’s harmful and irresponsible to suggest that anyone can get a sale merely by posting their link. It’s not that simple and requires a great deal of skill in marketing, not merely a knack for finding places to paste your link.

No one who visits a forum does so to see people advertising their gig, anyway. It’s not respectful or credible to misuse a community to try to sell things. It also undermines potential relationships, thereby killing your chance of a sale.


Awesome tips, Thanks for share :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much .i wish it will be helpful for new seller like me. I wish i can make a gig today on signature logo. wish you all visit it & give feedback.

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So, study is not need if you do business!! Good logic. Also, came from the person who spread her gospel of truth everywhere. Nice. By the way, you are here for business and other seller are here for what? Playing basketball?

Nobody said that the social posting will bring you rain of order or it will ensure getting the order. It is a mere marketing method which might help, might not. What is wrong here? Linked a video in the previous comment. Did you even listen to that? Tell him, “hey, you are also spreading false information. Social media marketing is of no help at all”!

Exactly the thing. Everything needs skill, even social media marketing. So, he/she who has that skill will be able to do the social media marketing in a right way which eventually will help that person to increase the probability of selling. It is not intelligent to assume that, the people who are doing business in Fiverr does not have social media marketing skill at all.

Now, actually I am totally doubtful about if you have any idea of the difference between marketing and spamming. Proper marketing will help gaining success(I said, “will help”, not “will ensure”) while excessive/inappropriate marketing/spamming will do the opposite. By any chance, does any of your gig related to social media marketing? If yes, that will explain a lot about your hardcore stance against social media marketing.

Right. My suggestion is also the same, “Be respectful to others”. it does not hurt, it does not cost either.

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You misinterpreted. I said I don’t need to study because I already have studied and understand, not saying studying isn’t necessary for success…

You told me to study because you didn’t think I understand. I do and that was my point. You are the one who doesn’t.

Baseless assumption that contradicts my whole point. Why would I give business advice to people if I thought they weren’t here to make money? That makes zero sense and it’s a baseless assumption.

The fact that you think this harmless further indicates that you actually don’t understand how this works and are in no position to try to educate me.

There are huge risks to your reputation when you post unsolicited sales messages and links and do nothing else. It’s also a huge waste of time that you can spend on things efforts that actually do work.

How can you think that is harmless?

It also has like no chance of working if you aren’t building relationships before posting a link to them if they are interested. So suggesting a nice message and a link is all you need to do is just wrong.

Also, Fiverr has an absolutely horrible reputation because sellers post their links everywhere. Why would you want to further harm that reputation?

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Thanks for your suggestions :blush:

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You can’t even understand the difference between marketing and spamming and I am feeling pity that you don’t even want to admit your ignorance in this issue. Admitting the ignorance is the first step toward overcoming that. You think, you know everything about it, others know nothing about it and what you know is the absolute right. Feeling sorry for you.

See this. I assumed nothing. You assumed everything. I simply wrote in contrast of every part of your sentence.

And, for the third time, why not you give me your opinion about this video from Fiverr Learn?

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Thanks for the comment.