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How to increse sales? For Beniner Seller


I am Jakir Hossain. I am from Bangladesh. I am New in Fiverr. I have completed my first level within 2 weeks :)>- . Some tips for new seller for increasing sales:

  1. Stay Online in Fiverr:

    Try to stay online while you are working in any site. Open a tab in your browser always for Fiverr.

  2. Reply All Message:

    Always try to reply all message. If any message is not useful for you, then you should reply.

  3. Reply As Soon As Possible:

    Always try to reply all message As Soon As Possible

  4. Create gigs with clear description:

  5. Never Copy and paste any one’s gig

  6. Never make a gig which you can’t do.


Hi! I’m a little confused, you need to have 30 days online statut to be level 1?? How come you earned it in 2 weeks??!!


I got work after 6 months, but when got first work after then

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Useful Tips




hi there
All you have to do is stay persistent and your work must be of high quality so that you get great feedback.

If you do a great job buyers also spread the word to people who may come to you for whatever you offer.

Make sure your GIG are well explained and make sure that you have posted a video for your GIG. It means a lot to potential buyers.

Give it a try and stay with fiverr and you’ll see that it’ll be worth on the long run.



@ana2001 +1 :wink:


helpfull tips : )


Thanks for sharing the tips!


Thanks For your Tips :smiley: