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How to instruct a customer on how to update or remove their feedback!

Hi guys,

I had a customer who was not satisfied with the gig I delivered at first but then I upgraded them and they are thrilled and want to update their feedback.

What is the process or instructions on how to update feedback?

Thanks :wink:


There’s a little pencil where he has to click on it and have it edited. I believe he has up to 3 days before he can no longer edit a feedback.

Hello. I also need to update a review for a seller to 5stars. I cannot seem to find a “pencil” or any options from my android to update feedback successfully.

Should I go to actual website from Laptop?

Need help someone please before time lapses. Wish to keep my promise for job done well

You can link the buyer the official feedback page of fiverr:

Yes try using a the site instead of the app