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How to integrate fiver account with and co


So after reading some post here I’ve decided to use and co. After downloading the Android app from play store I’m not sure how can I integrate fiver and and co.
Or am I missing some point?
Can anyone tell me how I can get benefits by using andco ?


I read through the entire And co site and saw that it was not meant for fiverr sellers.

It’s meant for people who are self employed and need to send invoices and offer credit card payment options to their clients.

Since sellers on fiverr don’t need to send invoices or offer credit card payment options, we don’t have a need for and co. It’s a completely separate company from fiverr, although it is owned by fiverr. I thought it was something fiverr sellers could use too at first, until I studied the site.


I was confused and thought if I link fiver account with andco then it will automatically record all the orders.
Thanks for clarifying @misscrystal