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How to integrate multi-site in wordpress?


Hello Friends.
I am in search of some help regarding the WordPress Multisite .

What I want is

Let say my website is
Simmy Rayn registered with us and
when he gets registered with my website I want that system website will give him his own url. e.g

I want to achieve this . I read that Multisite (MU) & wpmudev but I need free solution.
Any guide from any one will be heavily appropriated.


This kind of free solutions cost anywhere between 10 to 100$.


It’s all written here. Free solution as you want it >


I’m pretty sure it can not be done in WordPrss :wink:


This is a sub-domain, what is administrated on domain level. You would need an application that you can grand (restricted) administrator rights on your main domain

Your profile page says you are on a pro level when it comes to web development. No pun intended.


Not WP alone. I guess there has to run a script that creates the sub-domain with (therefore it’s not only a WP thing but also an administrative one on the server) and then places a standard index.php in the root of the newly created sub-domain.