How to interpret the statistics of the gigs?



On page: Selling -> My gigs; I noticed that impressions, views, clicks appear with a red or green arrow. I want to know how to interpret the arrows in red.

I have already seen the help and forums in Fiverr and nothing appears about it.

Someone knows?

Thank you!


The red downward arrows mean that your impressions or clicks or views or orders have decreased.

If there is a red arrow in the impressions column it means you are getting less impressions than you were 30 days ago, if you have it set for 30 days.


Thanks for your fast reply.

I was already assuming this.

Do you know if this is automatic (depending on what the Fiverr website randomly present) or is it for another reason?


All these things go up and down continually depending on where your gigs are being displayed, how many people click on your gigs, order them etc. It is counted automatically.


Thank you very much misscrystal, have a nice day!