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How to invite a seller of my gig?

I am scouting sellers and want to send them my gig…?? How do I do this so they get an order?

You don’t. Sending your gig in a message to other Fiverr users is considered spam. Messaging other people asking them to place an order from you could get your messaging rights revoked, blocked, or even result in you being banned from Fiverr.

Don’t send messages to other users asking them to buy from you. If buyers are interested in your services, they will place orders from your gig on their own.

I see that you don’t have any active gigs for sale. I’m thinking that you might be intending to ask how to buy a gig from a seller. If that is true, you can look for sellers you want to buy from and when you find someone that you like, read their gig description. If you aren’t sure about the seller or description or if the seller has “contact me first” written, might want to send them a message with the Contact button and ask questions.

If the seller doesn’t mention it in the description and you don’t have any question, you can just click the big green order button, pay for the gig and fill in the requirements. If it is a seller who has no sales at all yet, I would suggesting contacting them first to at least make sure they are ready. Some new sellers don’t have all this figured out yet and it will help them if you confirm.