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How to invite Freelancers to an open request?


I just joined Fiverr as a buyer since I’m looking for a designer for some GameArt images.

I created the request and it’s active and some people made their offer already.

However, I would like to invite a few Freelancers to give add theor offers since I like their work.

Therefor I would like to share this request somehow, but I cannot find a link or an invite button within the request area.

I also tried to find requests somehow, but I wasnt able to find anything.

Have seen many tutorials now like switching to “Become a sellar”, but this doesnt change anything on the website.

What did I miss? Thanks for your help already ^^



Unfortunately, you can’t really do that on Fiverr. What you can do is message them and ask if they would be able to do the job. The one you like the most, you can have do the project.


Hi eliiclair, thx for your reply ^^

I did so, but they didnt find my request either. Do I have to message them the request details directly?

I wonder: If I create a request, they have to be found somewhere for the Freelancers. Where or how can they do this?

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You can’t see other people’s requests unless you become a seller with active gigs. Since you have no active gigs it won’t show you anything in the “more->requests” section if you could go to seller mode. Also the buyer requests section for sellers shows requests in the subcategories a seller has gigs in so that’s one reason you need an active gig for it.

You can send sellers details of what you want doing by contacting them but I’d be careful not to send the exact same message to multiple sellers in case the system flags it as spam.

Hi uk100,

thanks for your reply.

In other words: I cannot see requests if I dont sell anything. That would be ok, I dont want to sell, I just would like to tell Freelancers how to find my request.

Since those guys DO sell, they should see my request if they have active gigs in the right section, correct?

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That’s correct, you can’t see other people’s requests if you don’t sell anything. But you should be able to see the request you created by going to the “manage requests” section in buying mode I think (unless the request got removed for some reason like if it was >30 days old or whatever the limit is).

Yes,. If they select the category/subcategory you sent the offer in and they have gig(s) there they should see it. If you give them a keyword from it they may find it faster.

But if the sellers don’t have a level badge they won’t see all buyer requests as they get to see less requests (after a certain amount of unleveled sellers have sent an offer to a particular request it gets removed from the active list of unleveled sellers).


What type of game art do you need? Video thumbnails?

thanks for the explanation. I know how to “invite” Freelancers now.

@youchoice: I search for currency icons.