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How to invoice clients to declare my earnings

To declare my earnings and issue an invoice I need information from the clients that I do not have (name, address, tax ID, etc).
Can I issue the invoice in the name of fiverr? What data should I put?


You do not need to invoice your clients on Fiverr, and you are not allowed to ask for that sort of information. Fiverr already invoices the buyer. Read this:

I also suggest you read the Terms of Service:


That’s exactly what you should do, and it’s what I do for my accountant. Whenever I withdraw earnings, I issue an invoice to Fiverr (for the sake of accounts only, I don’t physically issue the invoice) to the amount of my commission for that withdrawal. I then immediately record a payment against the invoice, closing it off. You and your accountant then have an accurate record of all your earnings through Fiverr.

Hope this makes sense.


In order to declare these earnings in my country I need to issue invoices that prove it. So I ask if the invoices can be in the name of fiverr, since I can not request personal data from customers.

And what data do you use to record the earnings? Because I am asked to fill in the following information:
Country, Tax ID, Name or entity, address, email.

You can find much of the information here;

Anything you can’t find there, you may need to contact Fiverr customer support and ask for it. I don’t include a tax number, as the tax laws here in the UK mean that I don’t charge Fiverr VAT (Value Added Tax), so a tax number is therefore not needed.

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Thank you very much for your help <3

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Please read the ToS.

Tax IDs and countries are only relevant if you are selling directly to the person paying for them. But you aren’t. Fiverr is reselling your services on your behalf. You don’t issue invoices to individuals or report taxes on each person and their country because this is a marketplace where your services are resold on your behalf.

So none of what you wrote here applies:

What @cubittaudio is describing is just how he reports his income for income tax, NOT recording or collecting sales tax. You don’t account for sales tax because you aren’t charging the sales tax. Fiverr is. Sales tax does vary by country, so you need to follow the laws of your country, but just remember that Fiverr is reselling your services.


You can always export your order list. I think you can use that for your need.

Thst isn’t necessary for taxes because you aren’t selling to those individuals. Fiverr is reselling your services on your behalf.

I’m gathering that accountants don’t understand this and that is where the confusion lies.


thank you so much! very helpful

You seem to be forgetting that we do work for Fiverr. We are all agents secretly stationed in the forums to dismiss anyone who disagrees against Fiverr’s totalitarianism.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: well played. Now where is my royalty check for being an agent. @karenjl please note Jake is being sarcastic. It’s an inside joke.

I’d use Fiverr as my client and simply download the Excel spreadsheet of your earnings.

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This is why I say we really work for Fiverr, not individual clients.

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Great way to explain it!

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I meant that I need to report my income and they asked me to make an invoice for each sale. I kept investigating, thanks for the info!

Yeah if they’re asking for an invoice for each sale they don’t get it.

Personally I’d be wary of an accountant that doesn’t understand resale or how to account for it!