How to involve new buyers with buyer request


Hi, I’m wondering if someone could tell me how to involve new buyers with buyer request option I think it’s not working for a most of sellers I send 3075 requests and just get back with 75 of course all 75 leave me 100% positive feedback. So how buyers make their choice or is the requests is fake? thank you


Uh, what? I don’t think the requests are fake. I’m pretty sure they just look at the gigs for the offers people send and they order whichever they liked the best.


Are you making offers to every single request that is made? I see that screen shot was made today Feb 9. I’ll wager that by tomorrow some Buyers will have a hundred or more offers to wade through. It’s not easy to be a buyer under those conditions.


@darrendesign My success rate with Buyers Requests is about 1%. That means, for every 100 submitted, I get one order. That means 10 straight days, submitting all 10. That does not sound like success. But consider this, when I worked in a call center, a closing rate of 1% was considered good. That means one sale out of 100 dials. If the floor hit 2% closing, the Sales Manager would shut the leads off, because the floor was running too hot. You could hear it and feel it, like a bee hive getting ready to explode. So, keep at it. Some of the factors are selecting the correct gig in your pop up. If the pop up gig does not match your description, then do not submit it. Go on to the next screen. Buyers are not going to order graphics for a writing job, for example. Also, your English is terrible I won’t be nice like some of the other people on this forum. I see all you Fiverrs who cannot speak English whining about not getting orders. If people cannot understand what you write, how are you going to get orders? Use another Fiverr gig to write your description if you have to.


Reply to @omniversal: I don’t think someone will take a great attention to the designer which is cost $5, and I don’t think they choose the best one so they couldn’t review 100 sellers it will take a huge time which they don’t have


Reply to @ricksper: Yes you are right this is a problem, that part of interface of fiverr system is very poor I think


I will agree with you if I will able to send 100 request a day instead of 10, so lets get this with percents if you make 100 calls it’s your 100% and get 1 back it’s 1% I make 10 requests it’s 100% and get back no let’s do like this I make 400% and get 1% is this a good productivity? I’m not good with english but I’m good with graphic design which is more important for buyer how you speaking or the product he or she will get?



Well, if they can’t understand what you’re offering, they could get confused and end up not interested. Even if you were the best graphic designer out there, if they couldn’t understand you they’d just leave.