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How to keep active in fiverr

I use fiverr app and I always keep my DATA ON. But after some minutes fiverr app automatically offline my account. I check it and 100% sure, my gig automatically offline. I saw everyone tells keep active, also sometimes I said it to others. But we don’t logically we can’t do it. But I thought we can do it keep DATA ON. But it can’t.



@newplus_design Agree With! you

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Thanks @bmsurujuddin

Hope this discussion will see fiverr moderators :face_with_monocle::grin::grin:

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@newplus_design maybe!


Your profile and gigs are always available for buyers to view even if you are not online.


Why do you want to see moderators on this topic?

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No @vickiespencer . I mean buyers always interest to filter online members. Also, I am looking for online members. So, also I think fiverr algorithm automatically rank online members gigs. Is it clear?

Cuz, they can contact with fiverr team directly and they can make conversation of this topic. Logically we can’t active 24/7 hours. But I thought if we ON our DATA every time, our gig will see filter online section.

Ok, let me get it straight: you want to get an attention of moderators and fiverr staff to the fact that you are looking for the ways to game the system and appear online when you are not online?


please reinstall the app or look setting of the app. your seller status and online status must on

I think you not clearly understand my question. I am not game with the system. If you are worry about my word telling “get moderators attention” I will edit topic.

I mean, everyone tells keep active. Logically it can’t do it. And i thought if we are keep ON our DATA connection Fiverr filter can show us online. Maybe I am wrong. But it is my idea. Even it stupid.

And if you are keep active in fiverr you need to do two things.

  1. keep screen on 24 hours and
  2. keep data on

If we need to show our gig in online section we need to do both of that same time. :grin: :grin:

I check it bro. It automatically offline our gigs in online section of fiverr filter

you dont need to be online 24 hours to get order and I dont think fiverr rank up sellers who remain 24 hours online…
When you are offline and you just keeping your mobile data on , doesnt actually mean you are online…its just your internet connection is on but you are still offline on fiverr !

Don’t worry so much about being online on fiverr all the time ! I think that doesnt make any difference.


:grin: you got it. Thank you bro. I think I am in misunderstand. Thank you @surajrenuka

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Oh I did clearly understand your question.
You want to stay online 24/7 because you read somewhere on the forum that staying online will help you to get orders. And I’m telling you that IT IS trying to game a system. Staying online has nothing to do with gig ranking, getting orders etc.

Exactly no one can do it and that’s why fiverr doesn’t keep you online. Trying to stay online when you are not is gaming the system. Though in reality it doesn’t have any affect.


Yes. You are correct. Also I see keep active in fiverr and it will rank your gig. But I can’t remember it where I found it. That’s why I am straight in my words. I think I am in a misunderstood. Now,I know what is true. :grin: also, sometimes I told in some topics keep active :grin: . Really I think it will help for gig ranking. Thank you @mariashtelle1

There’s a lot of nonsense advice going around, typically coming from those who haven’t made any sales but have read or heard somewhere that posting on the forum will bring them “sells”. So they parrot what they’ve read (even though they have zero experience to back it up).

Not all buyers are looking for sellers who are online. I got most of my orders (1,500 and counting) when I wasn’t online.


Yes. I am agree with you. Thank you

I think being classed as “online” on Fiverr does have an effect on ranking, at least it did in 2017 according to what a Fiverr engineer said in an interview:

Our search leverage large amount of features beyond relevancy in order to have better performing ranking. As example, we find out that when a seller is available, he’s actually online, there is more
likelihood to have a great experience of buying and selling. One of, I would call it boosts that our
search algorithm gives is floating up with some volume, those sellers who are available online. In a way that the overall experience of both buyer and seller is actually better. That’s an
example for one feature that our search engine looks at as we do the ranking of available gigs for search

See pages 14-15 in the link below:


there is no real proof to that. in 2017 they also head a beta feature “avaliable for work” where you could tick the box that you are online and open for work. SO back then it might’ve make a difference with that feature.
however it doesn’t exist anymore and there is no confirmation that it does have any affect.
On the contrary I receive all orders and messages over night when I’m asleep.