How to keep always online


how to keep my account always online


Fiverr app keeps you online.


Unfortunately nowadays it does not, they have changed something. I have the app, and still go offline after 20 30 minutes.


Go into the app settings and select the “Always Online” option.


Agree, I think you cannot, I also have the app.


This thread is quite old, however maybe this will help you:

Check if your phone has battery saving options like “deactivate mobile data after xx minutes”.
If this Option is activated, you will go offline as soon as mobile data deactivates.
Deactivate this battery saving option to stay online in Fiverr App.


install fiverr app keep you online


When you go to the settings in the app, there is a button which is written “show online”. when you click on it, you will notice that your online icon will always be green.


If you don’t want to use mobile app, you can use a simple timer extension for browser. Set a time on it and when it tells you that time is up you should check a page on fiverr like your messages or buyer request page etc. After on, you can continue to other work after that…

So, by using this strategy, you are not going against TOC by using some kind of automatic page refresher. It will told you that you have to remain online on fiverr if you have forgot it :slight_smile:


You account could be banned for the violation of fiverr TOS


@fast_editing Is you saying it to me…??? I think there is no any violation of terms in my comment…


no, i had replied for main thread poster - Being online always is something cheating fiverr system. That’s part of violation!!


Then that’s fine :blush:


Install fiverr app keep you online.


Download the fiver apps from the play store. and stay online every time