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How to keep constant flow of orders

Experience serves as the best teacher, and so does interaction. My first weeks at fiverr were fruitless and I almost got rid of my account assuming it was a waste of time. But a certain notion struck me…why not try to learn something from the best sellers? I contacted one after the other, some of which were very friendly and others…well, I bet you don’t wanna know. Most of them had tricks that worked magically for them. After putting their advice into practical form, I have reaped quite some benefits. Let me briefly outline the steps to follow as a new seller regarding the lessons I learnt.

  1. Send offers to clients through the ‘buyer requests’ option. Expecting buyers to order your gigs automatically from your outline will disappoint you! So, take the chance and send your daily 10 offers consistently.
  2. When you send offers, make sure you quote a low price. This is not yet time to get rich, it’s time to build your name and services.
  3. Don’t be late. When you receive an order, send it on time. The earlier the better.
  4. Send offers to orders that you can be able to do. Cancellation of orders is not so cool on your profile!
  5. Offer your customers some little extras for free… and they will order from you next time!.

With the steps above, you will at least get a few clients accepting your offers. Now the big part lies in maintaining and retaining them. Most successful sellers do not sell to soooo many people. In fact, they sell to a few buyers who keep ordering more multiple orders from them, so…:

  1. Make sure you offer the best quality content and services. Deliver on time and give bonuses. Create good communication with the buyers and invite them to be sending you orders whenever they have any. This way, you will keep your buyers coming for more and more and more and more…Before you know it, you are in the a First level seller. AND THERE STARTS YOUR JOURNEY!

Well said mkubwa. This is an old post but still makes sense. Thanks for the tips.

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The mods don’t like old threads being revived, just an FYI.

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