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How to Keep Getting Buyers During Slow Season


I’ve only been on fiverr since October/November 2016 so I’m still learning how to optimize my gigs and gain more clients.

However from what I have noticed, after about a month or two my gigs do either really well, or really bad and I should remove them haha.

To combat this, I created some new gigs. However, they aren’t any new offerings, just two that I found clients would ask for in my main Virtual Assistant gig. So it’s already a few things that I’m doing, and clients (or prospective clients) can order those directly.

So my advice if you are experiencing a dry season, is to go back to your main gigs that used to do well and see what offerings you could highlight and make into it’s own gig. You could even see what clients are looking for the most in the buyer’s request and see if you can create a gig for that.

What about you all? What do you do to get over the dry season, as I like to call it :joy:


I do a similar thing. Most of my gigs are all related to each other and one gig might feature another gig’s service as an upgrade they can select. As a virtual assistant, I’m sure that’s really useful, as there are a wide variety of services that fall under being a virtual assistant - marketing, copywriting, data entry, that might not get noticed if you only had one gig under one heading.

Did that make sense? I need coffee.


Depends, sometimes I fill job applications for short term jobs, other things i have done are:
• Wait for phone to ring then try to sell a service to whomever is calling, even if its a phone salesperson.
• Physically head on out to places where people needing my services are likely to hand out.
• Put an add in a newspaper.
• Hang out with old regular clients.
• Update all my sites with a post that i currently available for small quick jobs.
• Produce something and try to sell it on auction sites.
• Make sure my google alerts for potential work are up to date and functioning.


Haha yes that makes sense! @foxlou


You post ads for your Fiverr gigs? That’s new! How does that work out? Do you share the link to your gig or just your page?


Nope, the way i see it these days is advertising your fiverr gigs directly would be like advertising your newspaper add in another newspaper.