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How to keep up positing rating

Hi everybody. I am fine but a little bit worry. Anyway, Today I am going to share an experience about how to keep up postive rating. Actually, I have noticed On Fiverr when I am available on Fiverr in 24 hours all of everything of Fiverr is okay. But when I am absent Only two or three days on Fiverr. All of the things are going to start down. What about you?


Yes its true. You need to keep it up all time.

Thank you your opinion.

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You are most welcome @ekramulekramul

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What do you mean by this? :thinking:

I mean not available online It is going down. impression,view and so on

This might be because when people searching gigs of your niche, they filter by online people since maybe they want someone to answer quickly, there you lose views, impressions, etc.

And by rating I thought you mean the actual rating (stars).

Yes, how many years have you been available on fiverr.