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How to keep your response time up? Short & Sweet!

Hey there everyone!

I decided it’s high time to help the community and other sellers and provide a few useful advices to keep their response time up (above 90% or more).

Obviously, it means that you should respond faster, so some people may think they have to drag their laptop everywhere, connect & disconnect and power on and off.

Well it’s not that hard! The answer is simple!
The Fiverr App!

I am happy to be a part of Fiverr since 2015 and I can honestly say that the Fiverr App has improved and it’s really great!

What you need to do?

  • Go to Google Play store or App Store (iPhone) and Download the Fiverr App
  • Make sure to turn ON your online status, so that you can be found by people looking for services by ONLINE sellers (more exposure for your gigs)
  • Customize your notifications and setup your phone to beep hard and vibrate in the same time, so in case you are in a loud noise room, a club for example or sleeping, you can hear the notification when someone messages you
  • Try to be active as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you wake up in the middle of the night - it’s just a few minutes of time to answer a customer and keep them up to date. Respond faster and make a deal as soon as you wake up and have your morning coffee.
  • If you have no sales, your best bet would be to check “Buyer Requests”. There you will find many people that need a specific service, you can offer them your service and in the same time increase your response time.

Another helpful way, for people that already get orders is to setup “Quick responses”.
Quick responses are great and you can easily customize them pretty much for each and every answer you need to write.

It requires a little bit upfront work, but would surely save you time on the long term.
The Fiverr App will make your dreams come true and having high response time says a lot about you as a person & seller.

Good luck everyone and thanks for your time!

  • Teddi

very helpful knowledge :+1:


Disagree. Interrupted sleep is not good. Responding while still half-asleep is a poor idea too.



You can use a “Quick response” that you are AFK and will respond shortly, soonest in the morning. It won’t hurt you, than just seeing the message and ignoring the buyer, until the morning.

We all wake up at some point in the night.

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I am sorry but this is truly terrible advice all around.

Not responding whilst sleeping is not “ignoring” it is healthy boundaries. Any person who cannot understand that will simply be a terrible client. Don’t encourage them, not only for yourself but for everyone else.

Oh but that other seller lets me punch them in the face when I have had a bad day. Not letting me punch you in the face makes you a bad seller, a terrible person.

Yes this is a great plan for everyone.

Respond when you can and that is enough. If someone doesn’t naturally respond at earliest convenience (as in responds 3 days later) they don’t deserve success and telling them to be quicker shouldn’t be necessary as any remotely intelligent work-ready person should know this already.

As for auto-responders: can I get a show of hands from people who LOVE getting auto-responded to?



very helpful post in fiverr


very helpful advice. thank you so much for your helpfull knowledge. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Really you give us some useful tips.


I am a person that usually wakes up 3-4 times per night and I don’t see an issue sending a quick response to the customer that this will be the first thing you will check in the morning - just an example.

Being successful also requires at least some level of sacrifice.

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Sacrificing your personal time while already awake is one thing, sacrificing your health is another matter entirely.

Suggest you talk to a doctor about this. This is not normal and is probably affecting you more than you think. (If you’re a younger person, you can ‘get away with it’ some, but this is not a good habit to have as you get older.)


I don’t sleep well and tend to wake a little before actually being awake (once around 6/7 when I hear everyone wake up, and sometimes once before that at night plus around 9 (and then sleep until a little later). Let me tell you - most of the time when I wake like that I’m personally not in the mental state to reply (I actually HAVE tried), wouldn’t even be able to find the right auto-response when I’m still so groggy - point is, of course, we all make our own decisions about sleep/health, but recommending it to others - possibly younger people who might not be able to tell right from wrong just isn’t great.

The APP is very helpful, but there should be limits (set up both by you and your buyers.) Keeping your response rate above 90% isn’t difficult at all, and since you have 24 hours to reply, doesn’t require you to rush. Yes, we have to perform well as freelancers, but self-care is just as important as work is. (I shouldn’t preach, I’m still just getting there.)


I’m with Ms 7413 above

Broken sleep is not great - I know personally. Encouraging it (esp in others) is worse.

Understand that if it is your choice that is one thing. People saying it is unwise to let customers (most of whom aren’t as they take time but don’t buy) doesn’t mean you can’t make that choice (like some choose to take illicit substances despite knowing they are damaging). Best not to champion it as a great course of action tho based on it being ok with you - as per my “fist in cheek” post above.



In my Buyer Request offer, I say, …

“Due to time difference, we’ll response as soon as possible”

IF the given time is 1-2 days gigs.

Is that okay too?

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Yes, that is fine. There’s a difference between Response Rate and Response Time.


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You probably forgot how it is when you have a baby around. It’s normal during such a period.

That would be completely okay and respected by buyers. Great idea!

Some period it’s normal for it to happen - I have explained in one of my previous replies the reason about it, one day when you have kids, you’ll know how it is. Blessings!

Very helpful tips. Thanks

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Kids change the circumstances. We’re not mind readers and that’s new information, and with it I can withdraw the previous mention of sleep schedules. Assumptions can get anyone into trouble. Now that I know you’re a caretaker, that you’re up not because of a sleeping condition but because children, yes, feel free to check in IF you’re awake anyway.

Waking in the middle of the night still matters, and I still wouldn’t recommend it as advice to people in situations that are not like your own, but IF someone is up because kids: sure.


I dunno about apologies for snapping about assumptions. It is assumed that I do not have kids. Wrongly even.