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How to know buyers to avoid?

Hi Fiverrians, how do you know buyers to avoid? I was introduced to Fiverr by a friend and he says the key to being successful on Fiverr is properly vetting buyers. Can anyone tell me how to avoid “problematic” buyers? Thanks in advance…


I guess there is nothing like that! If a person approaches you for the work. You need to really ask the questions if you think you can do the job. Also clear your confusions before placing order so you are 100% sure to complete the order.

By doing this 99% chances are you will deliver good end product. However, later due to some issue orders needs to be cancelled but that is rare.

I guess this is the best way to be successful here. (Only do the work of buyers you are 100% sure to match the needs)


Trust your gut-instinct! If you don’t have one just yet, I am sure you will develop it as you interact with more buyers. Also, use your common sense when interacting with buyers as you may come across some fraudulent buyer who may try and scam you into doing things that are against the ToS or something.

I always look out for some tell-tale signs such as

  • horrible communication skills;
  • buyers who address you as “bro,” “sir,” “dear”;
  • buyers who seem more interested in other things/details which have nothing to do with the job at hand;
  • buyers who will do anything to save a few dollars / buyers who are always trying to negotiate prices (despite having clearly mentioned your prices in your gig); and
  • unprofessional behavior of any kind

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks. I really appreciate your feedback.

Experience will speak in time. Get to know buyers, we can’t be specific

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Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.

Hi, I think this is the best answer I’ve got so far. Thanks a lot. Gotta be strictly professional. :woman:

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Google this…

their username + Fiverr

The search results will come back with any comments attached to that username on Fiverr

Most of the time the results have been positive comments, but there have been a few nasty ones. This only works if they’ve left a comment though.


What matureactress has suggested is a good idea. But it might not always work because in case the buyer had left a negative review, it might be because (there is a possibility) of several reasons such as the buyer having been cheated by the seller, the seller having been unprofessional, the seller not having delivered what was promised, etc.

Nevertheless, it is a good thing to do. :smiley: But judging the buyer solely based on those reviews they’ve left may not be correct (since you don’t have the entire picture).

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