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How to know if gig has started? If site is even real!

Hey guys, on Thursday I purchased a article writer for 5 dollars to see if fiverr was a real service or not since there has been a lot of discussion about the site. The article was suppose to only take 1 day to write. It has been two days and I still have not heard anything. How do you know if your project has even started or not when using the site.

Make sure you actually completed your order. Sometimes after you order you have to provide more info to start the order. You can check your My Orders and see if it is there and click on it. You will see if it needs more. Otherwise you can also message the seller there.

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Have you tried contacting the seller by sending them a private message? What does the order page say? Also ensure that you submitted the information required to start the order to the seller.

Try sorting things out. If they do not complete your order on time, you can cancel the order and get a refund.


P.S. The site is very much real, be assured. Just do your research, and you’ll be fine :slight_smile: