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How to know if your Gig is under review?

I was looking everywhere on the forums and on the interface to see a visual indication that my Gig was under review? From what I read if you dont see the ability to pay for a gig then it must be under review. Is this correct or is there a message somewhere in the interface that tells you its under review?

This is a link to the gig:

Background: Just joined fiverr, this is my first gig that I posted.

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Sheriff’s Note: Fixed Your Link.


That picture was uploaded by mistake (deleted it now). Originally in my post I was explaining what the gig was, and that was an example of it (but I used the wrong oversized image), had deleted that comment but not the corresponding image, it was not meant to be a signature.

It says my Gig is active,

under Sales -> My Gigs.

Yet when I visit the page the Gig cannot be purchased. Sooo I am assuming its normal? Maybe I need to wait 24 hours. Others have this problem?