How to know the different of commercial VO and non comercial


Hi guys,
I see in the voice over gig, there is comercial and non comercial,

what if I use the non commercial for commercial purpose, I share it in YT Vimeo and my website.

what ia the proof of its commercial or not? is it while it being claim? or there will be license I get?


Are you using it on YouTube etc. to earn money by advertising etc.? If you are then you’re using it commercially.

If a VO seller has an option for commercial license and you want to use it for this purpose then you need to purchase the commercial license.


I mean what if I don’t buy the commercial? and use it like you say, and what if I don’t use ads for that but the voice over is talking about my ads.

is there a pdf licence writen somekind like that? if I buy the commercial?


Why don’t you ask one of the VO sellers you’re interested in buying from - I’m sure they’ll be able to explain it much better than I can!

Good luck!


oh you are right,
but waiting forward for other exprience user here.
Thanks man


Generally speaking, if it is for any business related use - that is considered a commercial use, but it seems to vary a little between sellers how they interpret it. Perhaps check with the seller you are interested in using to see how they feel.

From what you have said about your use, I would consider that commercial use. Things I wouldn’t consider commercial use are non profit organisations, a student wanting a voiceover for a project/assignment, someone wanting a personal (non business) voicemail greeting etc.


Then the seller can file a DMCA notice, and your video (and maybe your website, too?) would be taken down. If you’re going to use it for commercial purposes, please be honest and pay for it.

No, there’s no written document. Save the screenshots of the bought (and completed and paid for) order, that’s your proof that you have paid for the commercial license.

Edited to add: in addition to the above, using a VO or anything you purchase here for a commercial purpose, but without paying for the commercial use, is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


thanks for the reply guys.
This is so helping, Okay :slight_smile:


I always wonder what would be the use of a non commercial voice over. Am I going to listen to it in my office alone?


A birthday or a holiday greeting for someone, a video for your personal blog, a prank message… Anything that is for personal use and that won’t be used to earn money and/or promote an official organization.


OMG your comment is damb funny man :joy::joy::joy:


this one bright me, thanks for the good information and very helpfull one.


The reason why I ask is, lets say I have a personal blog as mentioned, this means that the blog should not be monetized, otherwise if visitors come to the blog and view the video with the voice over and the traffic converts to some cents, will I need a commercial license?


@phantompower Yes, you’d need a commercial license for that.