How to Know What to Charge for Our Services?


Hi, this question is for those who have been here awhile. There may be some on here, like myself, who have clients they’ve made elsewhere, who you charge a higher fee than on here, you’re paid directly (through PayPal or some other method) & perhaps, like me, you get half up front & the other half after you submit your work. On here, the latter two don’t apply. So, we’ll focus on the first. I have no trouble asking for more off of Fiverr, but, I’m concerned if I do that here, I won’t get any orders at all. Possibly because I’ve had some who wanted the whole project done for $5. I realize most people on here aren’t that way. Still, they may be looking to receive as much as possible for very little.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is on Fiverr to improve their life. I’m, currently, the sole provider & Fiverr is my main source of income. Besides wanting to be paid decently for my time & talent, it’s also to take care of expenses. I do have extras, but, I ask for the minimum. I’ve looked at some of the top sellers gigs & seen that some of them request $100 (I’m guessing that’s the highest you can go up). Perhaps, they don’t get a lot of people wanting those, but, that’s not the issue. It’s the fact they didn’t have any qualms charging that. Okay, maybe they did, but, it didn’t stop them. How to get over the reluctance to raise the prices?


Thank you for posting your inquiry and the question is very valid, how much do I charge? Well Fiverr makes that easy in the beginning as they are FIVErr but after you move up in levels and are allowed Extras then the seller has to become a commerce expert. For my family tree gig I based my Extra’s on the amount of time I spend and also the average number of documents and other data I provide. In regards to a business outside of Fiverr I cannot comment on that or taking away from that business. I am sure others will chime in with their thoughts and ideas. Good lcuks with your gig(s)


Alright, so it seems like you acknowledge already that Fiverr has a standard price of $5 per gig and many buyers will be reluctant to pay MUCH more than that.

The final answer to your pricing dilemma I believe it’s another question: What do you need more — money or ratings?

For someone like me, the answer would be ratings — that’s why, after being contacted to do a kinda bigger project (drawing the full-body caricatures of a team of people), I asked for a low price and offered a discount (ex: if he wanted 8 caricatures, I would tell him to order only 6 gigs).


However, you are definitely not in my situation. You are a level 2 seller, which is absolutely great, and unless you really want to be a top seller, you don’t need any more ratings — plus that you mentioned that Fiverr is your primary income source, which means you probably prefer the money over the ratings.

That being said, you shouldn’t work for so much less than what you’d normally charge, just because you’re on a $5 site. Tell them a price — if they accept it, you do the best you can to please them. If they don’t accept it and offer you a much lower price, politely refuse them and learn not to regret the fact that you’re not working for next to nothing.


Thanks for the responses. Today I changed my gigs around to offer more of what is my passion. If you’re not inspired by what you do, then, it’s going to reflect, in your work, as it makes your energy & enthusiasm flag. I also think it will be the right balance of earnings per effort. Of course, until I get some orders rolling in on it, it remains to be seen. It’s important to keep tweaking your gigs until you find the right formula. Even then, little changes, here & there can keep things fresh.