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How to know you have the right Seller?

It’s really hard to pick one right? You’re not sure if they are just a scam or if they are legit and some of the reviews aren’t always the most helpful. Coming from someone who’s not only bought stuff on fiverr but is a voice actor who actually sells on here, I can tell you a couple of solid tips that have helped me in both aspects.

  1. Check the descriptions
    If you aren’t sure they are able to do your gig, check the descriptions. I know in voice acting it’s pretty easy to get confused with who to hire. Like in my case, if you’re looking for an American voice actor I would likely be a better choice than some. But I’d be terrible if you’re looking for someone who can speak another language as English is my primary language.
  2. Check the reviews
    Some of the reviews are just boop 5 stars and a tiny generic description. If you’re not entirely sure, see what they say. If they are all the same generic ones then maybe want to dig further before you hire them.
  3. Message them.
    For real, if you’re not sure if they can do your job, just go and message them. I love it when I get messaged because I know I can help iron out any other details that may be holding the seller back like certain voices or different accents or that kind of thing

So there you go. 3 tips to find the right seller! Let me know what you think and I’d be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.


Really a great overall tips for buyer’s test to seller. These three things are might enough.


Hi I am a new client. I’ve only used this service once and was happy with it.
I decided to try a different seller who offered a bit more for the same cost.
I’ve paid first as this requires you to do, but the user hasn’t replied to my messages and there is only 1 hour left before time to complete is up.
Any advice, how do I get my money back?

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Please keep in mind that the seller still isn’t late (and I hope that you have provided them with all the information they need, so they might be working on your order now). If they deliver, great!

If the order gets late, you can go to the Resolution Center on the order page and request a cancellation. The seller will have to respond to it; if they don’t, the order will be automatically cancelled in 2 days. Also, once the order is in the late (or “very late”?) status (I’m not sure whether 24 or 48 hours late), you can go to the Resolution Center and request a cancellation, and the order will be cancelled immediately.

When the order is cancelled, you get your funds back into your Fiverr account, to use as credit for new purchases.


Thank you, all sorted now.

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Great points @barrelofmonkeys :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing this. :slightly_smiling_face:

It will be helpful for all buyers

Yes you are right these three Points are amazing. I have 5 Star on my all projects i think so that why most of buyer contact with me. You are Right.

t will be helpful for all buyers

This is a 3 factor of Fiverr sealers.

You need check right seller never show off and quick answer response faster
they talk about work only not any other things
previous work experience is also important and ask about that
so better idea what they saying about that.