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How to learn Illustrator


Hi Friends May Know i am working as a Graphic Designer since last 4 yrs mostly working on Adobe Photoshop, May I know Can i create design on illustrator easily if have no previous experience on Illustrator



Well you can try here :slight_smile:


Photoshop and Illustrator belongs to two different realms, actually.
Ilustrator requires a lot of reasoning and in my opinion a lot of practice. To make a design you definitely need a mental vision, like the one owned by a musician.
Knowing that a certain tool does a certain function it’s not enough.

While we’re at it.

You have one single Gig, Banner advertisement creation; and also “Poster, Mailer” (sic) “and Flyer” creation.
The samples shown imply a rather robust knowledge of Illustrator.
This gives to your question, “How to learn Illustrator” (mind: “easily if I have no previous experience”) a peculiar meaning, unexpected to say the least.

On your profile description you put your phone and personal email saying “please contact me at”, that is against TOS. It’s strange that someone that started here more than one year ago doesn’t know this.


There are tons of tutorials on youtube, both of them have similarities in regards to some tools. But these two are created with completely different idea.

It won’t be hard for you to learn I guess


The best thing you can do is following an Illustrator course through the Fiverr. As I know there are 3 Illustrator based courses in the Fiverr and you can buy them either individually or as a one package. All the best!


You can learn illustrator from fiverr learn having there some of effective courses.