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How to leave a review after job cancelled

So out of 10 jobs I have ordered, there have been 4 where the seller said the job had been done. When reviewing the work, the job had either not been done at all or about 20-50% of the work as written in the gig. When I then requested a modification, in a very fair and polite manner (“I just reviewed the results and I am seeing ____. Can you please review the work to be sure that the job was done for the correct (URL, Video, FB account, etc.) or maybe you sent me by error the wrong report. Please review and let me know”).

Then the seller cancels the gig. I get my money back so no real complaint, but I want to be able to let others know. This is for two reasons. 1. Using these sellers is a waste of time. 2. Someone might not actually check the work very carefully and then these guys get their money for doing only part of the job (which is what I think they are trying to do).

Any information on how to leave feedback even after a seller has cancelled a job. If someone cancels for some unknown reason, that is fine with me. But these con artists that claim they have done the job and then when you question the actual results they cancel the job. That is who I am after.

I know it is a fine line between crazy buyers that want sellers to do a lot of free revisions. But there should be a way that we can report these cheats, as the revision request is only to get the original job finished.

bdj108 said: But there should be a way that we can report these cheats, as the revision request is only to get the original job finished.

There is a way - you just don't accept the cancellation. The buyer takes your money, you take what he/she has delivered and then post your feedback. It's not fair to rate a gig you haven't paid for.

I guess you are right. I mean you go into a restaurant and they serve you crap. You complain and they don’t charge you. So I guess this means you should not write a review about your experience.

If I can’t write a review after the seller cancels, then there should be some statistic shown of how many gigs a seller cancelled. That will be a clear indication to any buyer of the quality of work being offered.

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There is a metric of how many gigs the seller cancels, however you as a buyer would not be able to see that until it reached a certain percentage

So does that mean I can see it when I become a stronger buyer or does that mean that I can only see it for buyers that cancel an abnormal amount of orders? I think it would be nice to show more info to buyers. Maybe there are two people offering the same product. I would love to choose the one that is more serious.

Reply to @bdj108: It’s when the buyer reaches a certain percentage.