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How to leave a review as a buyer?


My buyer don’t know how to mark order as complete and a review? I also don’t have experience as a buyer. Somebody please help me.


Ask your buyer to check the order and mark the order as complete. There would be an option regarding that. Once the order is marked complete, he’ll be able to leave a review.


I told him. But he can’t understand it. :smirk:


Then better wait for 3 days. Order will automatically be marked as complete in three days. Yes you won’t get a review but your payment.


Hi Viranga, you could give this link to your buyer and ask him to scroll down, there´s an explainer video/turorial on how to accept deliveries and review:


Hi Viranga, send him this link:
I hope that it helps!


Thank you so much!!! I’ll do that. :relieved:


Thank you so much!! :relaxed::relaxed: