How to leave bad feedback for seller


Okay, so here is my dilemma. I contacted a seller about doing a job. They assured me they could do it so I ordered. Hours before the deadline, they file a dispute asking for more time. I agree. More days go by and now they just filed another dispute saying they cannot do the job. It seems the last time I allowed a seller to mutually cancel I was unable to leave bad feedback warning other buyers of the flaky seller behavior. How do I go about accepting my money back and still being able to leave the feedback this seller deserves?


You gotta pick a struggle, mate.


You can’t I’m afraid - you can either get your refund, or you can leave feedback. However, i think you should be able to leave private feedback on the transaction which will be seen internally, but not on the seller’s gig.

Good luck!


if you want to rate him bad then you be marking order withe negatiive feedabck…and it wll lose your money. other wise you cant review him. yes you can complain to CS regarding his behaviour


Ok, thanks. Now to let the seller stew on this while i decide if it is worth losing the money to warn others to stay away from this seller. Seems to defeat the purpose of feedback though to allow a seller to string a client along with lies then flake out and no way to rate the experience for other buyers to see.


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Of course, you can always ask Customer Services for advice;


Thanks, just sent one in. Just doesn’t seem right they knew what the job entailed before I ordered and asked for more time then after more time wants to cancel. Has set my project back a week minimum when they could have just declined the order before I placed it.


If you want help you need to make your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”.


That’s because being able to both get your money back and leave negative feedback could be easily abused (say, by the seller’s competitors).

Still, if you choose to get your money back, you’ll be able to leave private feedback (for the eyes of the Fiverr staff only, so that they can keep an eye on the seller’s behavior, especially if it’s not a one time thing), plus a cancellation as such will have negative impact on the seller’s account.


Just curious, but what happens if I decline the cancellation in the resolution center?


The seller will probably try to cancel again. If he can’t do the job, he can’t do the job.

If you keep declining the cancellation, the seller might ask Customer Support to cancel the order for him; as stated in the Terms of Service, a seller can cancel the order for whatever reason (if he has to ask Customer Support to do it, it’s called a forced cancellation, and it will have negative impact on the seller’s account).


Seems unfair to allow sellers to behave this way, and makes me skeptical of trying new sellers. I communicated clearly before ordering what I wanted, they said they could do it. On the day of the deadline, they file in the resolution center for more time. I agree even though I had everything planned to get it at that time. Not one word of complaint from me to seller over it. After we are now past the original deadline because I agreed to the extra time they just want to cancel. And in order for me to leave bad feedback to warn others that this seller does not respect deadlines or time commitments I have to allow them to keep 31.50. Just seems like a scam to allow bad sellers to keep a glowing feedback average when in fact they can cost buyers money in missed deadlines. I understand there are problem buyers as well, but from before ordering to accepting the request for more time this seller could have opted out in this transaction. I am guessing it is burning me even more they requested more time and put me further behind on the project. But I should get my money back and be able to tell the community what my experience with them was.

Sorry for ranting, not directed at you personally. Thank you for explaining the loop if I decline. I was hopeful it would put them past the deadline after the requested extra time had expired and they would at least get dinged for seller missed deadline feedback.