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How to leave feedback after the seller did not deliver service? Had to cancel after passed deadlin

I bought a gig and waited and waited… I paid in full and it was not completed by seller. Fiverr gave me option to cancel order which I did but I would like to leave feedback so others know what to expect if they spend their money

Reply to @wiltonvio: OK, let’s use an example based on your logic:

You’re browsing through the fiverr app on your iPhone, but you accidentally click “order now” on a gig (with credit in your account, meaning it is automatically paid for). Obviously, you didn’t mean to order this gig, so you send the seller a polite message asking for the order to be cancelled. The seller cancels the order and proceeds to leave a derogatory review on your profile because you “wasted their valuable time”. Consequently, all future orders made by you will be rejected, as other sellers don’t want to “work with a time waster”. No product or services have been rendered, but you find yourself in a horrible predicament due to an honest mistake.

This is completely unacceptable, right? Now, re-read your post.

If you were able to cancel an order due to time expired, then chances are feedback was already left for you in an automatic review from Fiverr saying the Seller failed to deliver. If it were mutually cancelled between you and the seller, then no you don’t get your chance to review the gig. No payment has exchanged hands, no service was rendered - therefore, you don’t get to review.

I’m getting tired of buyers who want their cake and eat it too when it comes to leaving feedback on cancelled orders. I hope that Fiverr doesn’t ever give them this ability.

Reply to @wiltonvio:

wiltonvio said: This buyer meant what he stated...he wants to help others to

Help others -- yea right! We get one side of the story and you want to give the buyer license to destroy a reputation. How about this. We let buyers have free will to do as they please, request unjust modifications, put the screws to sellers and still get a refund while they walk away with a free gig. Oh wait, some buyers do that now.

When the playing filed is even and I can rate buyers and it actually shows up in their profile warning sellers of buyers who scam sellers, than come talk to me.

Buyer got his money back and the seller lost his time. End of story.

Definitely a flawed system! This buyer meant what he stated…he wants to help others to avoid wasting their valuable time on a lame seller with a history of failing to deliver. These potential Buyers will be “spending” their money. Again, the goal is to inform. He had a negative experience and should be able to share it with potential buyers. Buyers should not lose their right to comment on a transaction simply because the gig was ultimately cancelled. Makes no sense.

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You can’t leave a review on an order that was cancelled. The logic is that you got your money back and didn’t actually receive a service, so you have nothing to review.

You answered your own question - you said “leave feedback so others know what to expect if they spend their money” with the operative word being SPEND. When you get a refund you got your money back so you didn’t spend a dime so no feedback.

I assume all of this people against leaving negative feedback on mutually canceled orders are Fiverr Sellers instead of Buyers.

If a Seller doesn’t delivery a gig on time, even if the Buyer gets credited there needs to be a way to inform others of the Sellers incompetence. Buyers loose time and are under a lot of stress when a gig has to be done in a certain timeframe and the Seller simply doesn’t do the job on time and cancels the order. This has happened to me several times simply because there is no way to know if the seller has done it before when all you see are good reviews but no complains.

This is something that needs to be addressed by Fiverr as soon as possible.

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When a seller is late delivering, the site automatically gives the seller a one star review even if you get your money back.

There definitely needs to be something done to punish sellers who fail to deliver. It’s happened to me three times. The most recent time was just a few days ago. The seller had the job for two days, didn’t even start on the project until the day it was due and, when I spoke to him at 2 pm that day, said everything was fine and that the project would be finished on time. Six hours later, he wants to cancel and the project isn’t even half done. I am beyond furious about this.

This is an incredibly easy thing to fix. Simply explain what happened. Most people, contrary to what you seem to believe, will understand an honest mistake. However, if the buyer does this repeatedly, then YES, sellers should know that and steer clear.

Yes im in agreement! Ive now been waiting 3 weeks for a gig to finish. The first time the seller is late and cancels. I agree to try again (as what he is offering is something i want/need), he is now a day late again and has put on vacation on his profile??? I mean seriously? I understand mistakes can be made etc and we should just leave terrible feedback at the drop of a hat but this is not acceptable surely?

well that explains why my seller kept refusing my cancellation request, saying he couldn’t accept my cancellation request on his phone. I refused his and cancelled again, knowing that he only had to leave it for a day for it to go through, with the hopes that I would have the opportunity to leave feedback (constant delays & b.s for weeks after saying it was complete, then given an incorrectly done job - I missed 2 deadlines due to this). I’ve only just clicked that he had refused my request again and lodged a ‘mutual cancellation’ request, which went through :confused:

Agree, two providers have failed us miserably, refund is not enough, I wish Fiverr stops wasting my time and get some serious real providers to work.

You forgot to mention the scum that will act nice make an order and pay for your gig and then do a PayPal charge back… :confused:

I ordered one gig. It was content development for 5 pages. It go delivered. The level was pathetic. Kind of school kid writing. The seller got paid, and on the top of it she wanted a top rating. She did not deserve a 2 star but wanted 5 star. Sellers please comment. By the way I am not a seller. Just a regular buyer.

I don´t really have much to comment there. I only deliver work I´m happy with, and sure, I´ll mention I´d be happy for a nice review (and that actually only the first time; if a buyer comes back to me, chances are I´ll leave them alone with that and use my time to wish them a good week or something.) but I´d not even dream of telling the buyer how many stars I want. I don´t know what to do with what you say, I just can´t think like that.

Hm, somehow the cut-off headline in the title made me wonder what happens, if a seller happens to die before they can deliver. Hope and guess though that that´s the last of the reasons here for failed delieveries.

i found this type of problem some days ago.