How to leave feedback on gigs that were mutually cancelled


Yeah there are some sellers here that aren’t the best customer friendly and I believe it wouldn’t be write to give an impression of positive seller when their dealing is rather unorthodox. I bought gigs from seller whom had nothing but positive rating and positive reviews, only to be cut down by that seller. I feel that other buyers need to be warned and i want to know how to leave a feedback if the gig was eventually cancelled?


Too bad we can’t warn sellers about certain buyers who try to rip us off…we can’t…so move on.


Yea… it’s always the sellers fault of course…as always


Reply to @steveeyes: my thoughts exactly. I’m sure a seller wouldn’t have that many positive reviews if they were that bad.


Be glad that you found out that they were not a match or as you said, “Customer friendly” and you got to mutually cancel. It would not be fair to be able to rate a seller without actually purchasing their product/service. If this were the case, imagine some unscrupulous sellers who want to hurt another sellers status here by “buying” a Gig with the intention of cancelling so they could give a negative review and “warn” just how bad that seller is! Believe me, there are plenty who would stoop that low and do this if it wasn’t going to cost them a dime! In order to rate, you have to part with $5.50 and the seller has to go through with the order without getting a mutual cancellation out of you.



I had one guy who wanted just cover for something, on end we did custom offer and I did in 5 or so different designs whole thing like 6 pages… after all that he said can you send me files you work with i don t know what i want and gave me bad review :frowning: :@

so,not only sellers can be wrong… beside that, i dunno how other sellers but i give my clients at least few different designs, all formats they wanna, and i talk with them :slight_smile: