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How to leave feedback/rating for aborted Gig that was cancelled?


I am wanting to leave justified feedback on a couple Gig’s for one seller that promoted himself as an expert, could not and did not complete the Gig.

I had to argue to get one of the Gig’s cancelled by the seller, the other he refused to do and ultimately Customer Support cancelled the Gig.

If I don’t have opportunity to leave feedback, others will fall into the trap of using this Seller as his Rating is overly positive against reality.

I see on other threads that it doesn’t seem possible…has this changed or in the process of being changed?


No, if it’s been cancelled, and you’ve had a refund, then you can’t leave a public review, but you will be able to leave private feedback which can be seen by Fiverr CS.

The problem is that if a (negative) feedback were allowed as well as a cancellation, it could be used by other sellers to their advantage.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


First of all, I highly doubt that a gig with overly positive rating has managed to fake each and every one of those ratings. Which brings me to the conclusion that the gig has had a lot of great experiences with all the feedback serving as indisputable proof. So that means you either had bad luck (like wrong timing, or maybe even wrong moment in the seller’s life), or there’s something you left out that made it impossible for the buyer to complete the order (you might have had invalid expectations that didn’t match with their gig, you might have used behavior that the seller deemed as improper, only you and them know…)

I’ve had thousands of great experiences, but very rarely I get a buyer who forces me to turn the experience into a bad one because of their expectations, maybe their behavior or something else, and when they try to leave bad feedback it’s obvious that the problem was not on my side (the seller), but rather on the buyer’s side - so I tend to think like this: “if thousands of people were satisfied by a service, but one of them isn’t, then the problem may likely not be coming from the seller’s side”, assuming all other unforeseen factors have been ruled out.

Unless, of course, in your case the seller had perfectly valid reasons to refuse to complete the order (I’ve had buyers who I’ve turned down because of my impossibility to deliver their orders due to various unforeseen real life factors that prevented me from doing so, as well as the inability to fulfill a buyer’s expectations when those expectations didn’t match with my gig!)

More so, just like in real life situations, a seller is entitled to refuse a client if deemed appropriate. And because of this, the experience of a a seller refusing a client should not be rated, otherwise it would be misused and abused in all imaginable and unimaginable ways, not to mention that this doesn’t happen in real life either (if I want a service but the provider refuses me, I am not able to rate them as I’ve never been their client in the first place)


I agree with 95%.

There are the small minority of sellers, who decided not to work on 5r. Instead of shutting down their account, they sell it on the black market for a lot of money.

The new seller turns what once was a great account into a really bad one. Buyers are left scratching their head.

There are threads on the forum about it right before you came back.

If you don’t think a seller with a thousand review would do such a thing, well . .

Just yesterday, one of the mods shut down a so called “life story” thread called Zero to Hero. That seller copied someone else’s life story from 1.5 years ago. People were giving him kudos.

He IS a level 2 with virtually 1000 reviews. (Someone correct me on # of reviews, if I’m wrong.) Why a successful seller, who’s been around that long would do such a thing?

It leads me to question everything on his profile including the sales he did. My point is that 5% of the time, even that successful seller with nearly 1000 reviews may not always be innocent.


How unfortunate. I just hope the overall Fiverr attitude is positive and professional seller’s are a majority.


Indeed we are @thecreativeguys! :slight_smile: