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How to leave feedback when job not finished


Hello, how does one leave feedback if the job is incomplete. The next purchaser has the right to know of a bad seller but unless the job is completed it seems you can’t leave feedback? so someone tell me how it is that this happens why is only good feedback shown as a buyer I want to know both good and bad feedback so I can make a decision on that person. So please someone kindly tell me how to leave negative feedback on a seller that didn’t deliver.


If your order was cancelled and you were refunded then you have no right to leave feedback. The seller also receives nothing and having too many cancellations can affect a seller negatively so fair is fair.


Bad feedback is shown, too, but you can only leave feedback on a completed (and paid) order; otherwise people would abuse the system, ruin the reputation of their competitors, or simply repeatedly get work done for free.


It`s upto you if you will spent your money to slam the seller with a negetive review or get-away with your money and hire someone else to complete the work. That is really upto you.

Btw for your question : You can`t leave a feedback when an order is cancelled.

If a feedback was allowed after cancellation, the sellers might try to damage their competitors by ordering their gigs, cancelling the order and leaving them a bad review. I hope it makes sense… :slight_smile:


The order was paid for - one has to pay for it to even start. So not sure how that factors into it with your answer. I am not wanting to purposefully leave negative feedback, I am doing (Wanting) to because the seller didn’t deliver. It’s been over a month and all I keep getting is a promise that it will be done, the sellers job turn around is 7 days not a friggin month and the seller refuses to reply to my emails. So I want to end it, do I cancel it and request a refund and by doing that then I can’t leave feedback?


If it’s been more than 48 hours since the deadline, if you cancel the order, you’ll get your funds back as Fiverr credit (to use on future purchases), and the seller will get a one-star rating and feedback “Order cancelled! Seller failed to deliver on time!”

It only works if the order is still open, though; if the seller tricked you with an empty delivery and you allowed the order to automatically complete, your only option is to contact Customer Support ASAP and hope that they can help you.


Ok thank you for the reply. The seller did trick me but I have sent a email off to support, but I’ve not heard from them. Not sure how long they take.


A day or two, but could be more if they’re receiving a lot of requests.

If it was less than 30 days since the order was marked as complete, you can still rate it. If it’s been more than 30 days, it’s no longer possible to rate the order.

You may wish to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service to get a better idea about how things work, so you know how to react in the future (and when).