HOW-to Level 2 Seller!


Hello All,

I am sharing my experience with fiverr where i have got a LEVEL 2 seller badge within 2 months that too so fast, no glitch etc. Okay apart from sharing my happiness, I have 5 basic simple TIPS for you all which can definitely help you to receive order and get started.

#1. Always make your gig TITLE generic (Avoid Jargon’s) which are understood even by a lay man.

#2. Keywords should be chosen only after doing some brainstorming and using search box “What are you looking for?” again think from BUYER’S perspective

#3. After you have received you’re order stat with gratitude and replying back to the buyer with a personalized message saying eg: Hey, I have received your order and it’s under progress which makes them become loyal for you (err! this is the only 50% part of being loyal)

#4. Always keep you’re buyer updated and ask about his specific requirements if any, This again makes them think that you’re a professional working here because you love your job not $5

#5. After you finish and DELIVER your order, Send a personalized message asking them politely to rate your gig. eg: If you can take 10 seconds and give positive thumbs up on my gig. it will be helpful for me as well. This can give you good ratings and better search for you’re gigs.

I have shared these tips from my personal experience and still wondering what to do with my LEVELS :stuck_out_tongue: I wish not to ask more for my work at-least for now I am happy, If you guys can help me as well with some ideas over how to leverage my levels or what more i should offer, That will be helpful.