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How to Limit Standard or Premium Orders?

Does anyone know how to limit orders within a gig for standard or premium levels? I just had one person order 3 of my Premium level gig, resulting in 30 articles!!!

I have limited my orders in queue and usually maintain a “Gigs Overbooked” but on the occasion that I increase my number, then the new clients order in bunches!

I do have a disclaimer on my gig that asks people to please contact me for big orders! Do I need to place it at the beginning in ALL CAPS BOLD? LOL

Thanks for the advice!
Mel Dawn

Unfortunately, in this case, you will either have to deliver what was ordered… or cancel the order. I am unaware of any way in which you can force limits on buyer actions.

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Yeah, like Jon says, there isnt a way to limit that.
However, MOST buyers will be reasonable if you ask for an extension on that.