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How to lock in repeat business WITHOUT selling yourself out


Hello fellow Fiverrers,

At this point in my Fiverr career (almost a year in), I’d say about 60% of my orders are from repeat customers. Which is awesome because you get to build a business relationship with some great people, most of them from lands far away. However, my days on Fiverr and the forums made me realize that people are selling themselves out to try and get some usual customers. So here is my suggestion on what you should and shouldn’t do, to keep the income rolling. (P.S. you don’t have to agree with me lol)


-Constantly give away freebies. Buyers will come to expect it.

-Allow yourself to be bullied. If a buyer is demanding something of you, that you aren’t comfortable with, that’s not business you want. Contact customer support.

-Give away too many “free” revisions. Often sellers complete a job, and then the buyer realizes he made a major mistake and needs a major revision done. Don’t feel compelled that you have to do it for free, especially if your gig takes a lot of time.



-Be quick to respond to all customers, but respond even faster to repeats. I recently lost a usual because it took me 2 days to respond to a message and they had to use someone else. DON’T look unreliable.

-Offer free revisions, if the mistake was on your side or if it was a minor revision needed on the seller side.

-Offer freebies…For a price. I offer my clients the ability to become a “VIP client” for a 1 time fee of $45. This gives them priority delivery for life. Literally locking in the customer on this one.

-Be polite and understanding, especially when a natural language difference exists. Most of my buyers are international.

-Deliver on time, early if possible. Nobody wants to order from someone who can’t deliver on time.

Hopefully these tips will help some of you newer sellers on the site!





First time I’ve heard about a VIP offer, sounds good :slight_smile:


Hey, that VIP client thing is actually a really, really good idea! Kudos on coming up with something that good. I think I’d definitely be implementing that at some point on my own gigs, because that is one awesome idea :smiley:


These are some really great ideas! I think I am going to try these out and see if I can finally sell my first gig. Thanks for the tips!


Reply to @boslass: glad I could help :slight_smile:


LOVE the VIP Idea! Thank you.


Reply to @musiclover: thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @spike1: :smiley: I just got my second VIP client


Nice thread.


Great post. Fiverr sellers need to stop discounting their work and get more creative on how to add additional value. My work on Fiverr is already so discounted I never offer deals.

This is another idea I got from the forums. I do illustrations for children’s books. I am having a small ebook created with tips on writing and publishing children’s books. I am adding it as a free gift for buyers who give me multiple orders.


Reply to @toonimals: thats also a good idea!