How to lodge a complaint?



I requested some work to be done, should be a simple task for someone with experience. One of the developers quoted $5, which is a fair remuneration as for someone with the experience it is 2 minutes work.
I then had a message asking what I wanted done and what was the budget. I again restated the work required and that I expected the work to be done for the quoted price. After a couple more delaying messages I received a message saying this is not a $5 task. If that was truely the case then this ‘experienced’ person should not have quoted that price.

To quote a price with the obvious intention of renegotiating is simply dishonest and has just wasted time.

I sincerely hope this very disappointing experience is not typical on Fiver, I will be seeking other options for getting the work done that I require in the future,


What I understand, you posted a job requested and got a response from the seller(s) to do for $5, right? If so, did you ordered the same what you have requested before?


Unfortunately, sellers have to quote a price when sending their offer, even if they’re not sure about the scope of the work. It’s not possible to submit an offer without a quote, and the system doesn’t allow the seller to contact you first and ask you for details.

If you wish, you can complain to Customer Support, but I doubt that it would accomplish anything. There was no actual order in place. There was no breach of contract.


Excellent point @catwriter - a definite failing of the buyer request system, and nothing the seller can do apart from negotiate once they know the true scope of the project! Nothing dishonest at all.


Complain about what? That the seller told you he couldn’t do what you wanted for $5?
As others have said, he didn’t know exactly how much to quote until he got more details.


What I wanted was clear, for someone who knows Google script it is probably 1 or perhaps 2 lines of code, there is no scope to discuss as it is simply download a file and make it’s contents available in a variable.

If I put a job out to tender I am looking for someone who can do the job at the quoted price, I’m not looking for people to negotiate with.

But I see people here are saying that it’s perfectly ok to waste peoples time by submitting quotes they have no intention to honour?? Bizzare.


I think you may be misunderstanding what’s been said here.

You contacted a seller, who quoted you $5. When you told them more about the project, they decided to increase their price, for what could be one of many reasons. You decided not to go ahead because you didn’t like the price increase, so you’re free to look for another seller who may be able to do your project for your budget.

No time wasting, no dishonesty - that’s how buyers’ requests work.

Another way for you to find a suitable seller with a fixed price is to search around the main Fiverr site to see if anyone offers the service you require for the $5 you’re willing to pay, so no need for buyer requests, or any resultant negotiation.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Some sellers will increase a price to discourage buyers who might be difficult or demanding, not that this would apply here but saying there could be other reasons.


I despise it when people say “you are an expert so it will be simple for you” - meaning that the price should be lower.
The idea that all training, expertise and knowledge gained, usually at considerable expense and effort, is not to be valued means that every doctor appointment I have ever had should have been $5 and not $60-100 as I was charged. This mentality doesn’t apply elsewhere so why should it apply here?

If someone quotes a price you don’t want to pay then go elsewhere, it’s really that simple. Pay the going rates for things and you won’t have many problems. Try to pay lower than the going rates and you will always get someone who will take your money but generally they won’t be worth it.

I presume these messages had more detail about the job? Or what were they about?


@offlinehelpers:There was no change, I wouldn’t have a problem if this was a case of scope creep.

I made a clear request and someone submitted a quote they had no intention of honouring, in my book that is a dishonest way to do business. If they didn’t understand the original request then again they have no business submitting a quote.

If, as people are saying, the original quotes are meaningless then why did I get a range of quotes at different prices, surely everyone would submit at the minimum bid and negotiate from there?

@misscrystal:I don’t have a problem being called difficult or demanding but this was simple request that did not change, thee was nothing for me to be difficult about. I made a simple and clear request and the seller submitted a low bid with no intention of honouring it.

The real shame here is that this seller who submitted the request was effectively able to block any other seller who was prepared to do the work at the price they quoted. Personally I think it’s despicable behaviour but apparently it’s par for the course here.


What do you mean? You’re allowed to contact more than one seller.

No, not everyone would submit at the minimum. Some submit at the minimum (either because they’re willing to do it for $5, or because they want to start the conversation going), and some submit at higher prices (either because they estimate it as the fair price for the task, or to start the conversation going, or, in some cases, to try to get as much as they can).


Right. So you want to complain about someone because after you contacted them to request they work on an unspecified task for you, they refused to do that task for $5?

Well, if even the tiniest hint of the self-righteousness which you have included in your post here made its way into your communications with your seller, that’s probably why they decided not to work with you. In fact, it is this exact attitude of ‘I know what $5 is worth. I know I don’t need to pay more than that. I will not stand for what I perceive as less than being treated like royalty.’ Which is actually why fewer and fewer sellers offer services for $5.

Nothing unreasonable has happened here aside from you throwing a tantrum.

Please do. I’m actually horrified by how far you are taking this. You feel like your time has been wasted by an exchange of messages which didn’t result in a sale and here you are ranting nonsensically about the experience. All that is missing is a canned laughter track.


I actually don’t understand this question.
I accepted the quote from this seller, went through the payment process etc. with the expectation that the work would be done, are you suggesting I should have accepted and paid for other sellers quotes?


Oh. I’m sorry. I misunderstood what happened; from your first post, it looked like you haven’t actually placed the order, and like you just exchanged a few messages with the seller.

No, certainly not. The best course of action would have been to message a few sellers first, see who could do the job and was willing to do it for $5, and then place the order. With the Buyer Requests system not allowing for proper communication (you only have limited space to explain what you need, and the seller only has limited space to submit an offer, not to mention that there’s no option for sellers to ask questions or for you to answer them), I don’t think it’s a good idea to accept any quotes without messaging the seller first.


Ah, I’m starting to understand the responses a bit better now, I hadn’t explained that I had already paid this seller and then he started trying to renegotiate.

I thought that as it was a quote based system it was the same as entering into a contract with any other service provider. It seems odd to me to receive quotes but then to have to enter into further negotiations for what was a clear and simple request.

As far as I can see that should translate to ‘Submit a clear request, receive quotes from those who can do the job and how much for’ which is the process I used.

Guess the only question I have now is how refunds work, I submitted a clear request, it wasn’t delivered so I suppose a refund is in order.


Oh I didn’t realize you had already paid the seller and he tried to renegotiate.


That makes a lot more sense now!

The resolution centre is on the top right of your order page, and here’s some helpful stuff:


In theory, it should, but Fiverr’s system is flawed, because Buyer Requests was added as an afterthought; the idea of Fiverr is to browse through available gigs, and purchase what you like (although, even there, with some sellers it’s wise to discuss the project in detail first).

Go to Resolve Now on the order page, and request a cancellation. The seller has 2 days to accept or refuse it; once he accepts, you will get a refund as a credit to spend on the next purchase.

If the seller doesn’t want to refund you, you can contact Customer Support and ask them for help; they’ll cancel the order for you, and you’ll get a refund.


Unfortunately, sellers have to quote a price when sending their offer, even if they’re not sure about the scope of the work. It’s not possible to submit an offer without a quote, and the system doesn’t allow the seller to contact you first and ask you for details.

Though really they shouldn’t quote the minimum price ($5) in a quote that they are unsure of the scope of the work. Technically it would be better if you could contact the seller somehow to say you are interested in the job but need more details without quoting a price. But the seller could really have specified exactly what the offer was for (or as much as possible within the the space provided) and could have mentioned that the price would be different if the requirements differed from that.