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How to look for jobs?

If I look under buyer requests I never find anything, I do traductions and transcriptions of documents audios and videos but I never find any job available. I’m doing something wrong in here?

You can check your gig tags. Are they in line with what you offer? At least one of your tags should be “transcriber” or “transcription”


Buyer requests (BRs) don’t appear all the time (at least for new sellers/no level sellers, I don’t know about the other levels). It depends on whether a buyer has posted a BR or not.

From my experience, they appear randomly throughout the day and they can appear at ANYTIME! So, you have to keep checking as much as you possibly can. And when they do finally appear, you only have a couple of minutes or so before they disappear again (the buyer request disappears once a fixed number of sellers have responded to it). You only have a really small window within which you have to apply. Either that or you could just refrain from refreshing the page once you have spotted an interesting BR. That way, the BR will not disappear.

So, you have to always be on the lookout (as much as you can) and be quick! Also, before applying, read the buyer request carefully and ONLY apply to those jobs that you know you can do for sure.

You can find information about low number of buyer requests and other info on BRs here-

For more information on how to write an excellent offer in response to a BR, you can have a look at this-

I have noticed that, I have seen some request but not the languages I translate, will keep an eye on that!

Yes, I have the correct tags in my gigs.

You should contact Fiverr center.