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How to maintain impressions and clicks?

Hi everyone, i am working as a writer here. All was going good but from last few days my clicks and impressions fluctuate. I can’t control its level. Anyone who can suggest me something better?
It’s my plesures if you consider my post.
Thank you
I am also sharing my account so that you can visit and point out the problems.

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Change the tags and stay online as much you can.


The main thing is that promote your gig in social media, especially in facebook there are lots of groups where you could promote. The group’s are called fiverr gig promotion like that. You should try to promote your gig daily.

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Hello. Gigs impression and clicks are not constant for anyone. Ups and down are very common for even high level sellers.
Do you know if your gig is ranking in the Fiverr search ? Use better tags, optimized description and catchy titles for better gig optimization. Once your gig starts to rank higher in Fiverr search you’ll get a huge flow of impressions and clicks.


Pretty sure Fiverr doesn’t allow stuff like that

You can promote but make sure its he legit way. Spamming wont make any result i think.

It’s purely legit because the fiverr is telling us to share the gig inorder to reach customers,you could see that option when you open your gigs. if it’s ain’t legit Fiverr won’t allow it.

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